February 1, 2014

Sisal rope covered storage box

Toys. Lots of toys. The older kids grow, the more toys they own. Big and small. Noisy or not.
We have two little boys (8 and 27 months) and our place is already packed with toys! Some we buy but most we receive from family and friends. After all toys are the go-to gift when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. 

They invade our world (There was one time when Victor pulled his rocking horse to our master bathroom as it rocked better on tile than on the carpet in his own room) and we fight back, we do our best to keep the situation under control: rotate the toys, buy more storage furniture, get more baskets. In the end it's just an illusion as there are still as many toys as before but tucked away in several places.

I made this basket to store some of the the baby's stuff: bibs, a change of clothes (to have at hand ) and toys. Can you tell it's made from a diaper box? Lined with fabric and covered in rope it looks stylish enough to make it the the family room.

 You can use this fancy looking box for any sort of storage:

or you can even let your kid have some fun playing with it :

If you're looking for creative ideas on how to use sisal rope, please take a look at these wonderful 10 projects. Some even have tutorials (just click on the numbers to go to the original posts).

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  1. Buna Stefi,
    Ideea ta este foarte frumoasa, ai imbinat utilul cu placutul! ;-) Imi place si mica colectie de idei oferita la sfarsitul articolului, mai ca as face si eu cateva... :-)
    Pupi din Bucuresti!

  2. I agree with u Anna,them combine business with pleasure! Read More

  3. I've so many flattened diaper boxes waiting for the garbage truck to come and pick them up. I could have made this lol


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