December 31, 2013

Memory making with Xmas presents

Now that Christmas is behind us and our parents have already opened their presents I can share the handmade presents with you without the fear of spoiling anyone's surprise.
When you live in a country so far away from your home country as we do (Dan and I are both from Romania but live in Minnesota now) creating a grandkid - grandparent bond is a pretty challenging task. The boys get to see their grandparents every weekend on Skype but this doesn't substitute a live contact. My parents came to visit us twice, for the birth of the boys and Dan's mom saw the boys for the first time at the end of this year. How do we replicate the bond Dan and me had with our grandparents?

Oh, well....we will never be able to do it but nevertheless we'll still do our best to create some sort of a long distance bond. And here are some of our little tricks:
creating personalized shirts for grandparents with the kids' names on them:
 for my mom
 for my mom-in-law
for my dad

or transferring kids' art onto kitchen towels
or transferring kid's handprint
or even better grandma's and grandkid's handprints

I wish you all a happy 2014!


  1. La multi ani, draga Stefi! Si La multi ani intregii familii Luca! Va imbratisez si va doresc un An Nou minunat de bun, asa cum vi-l doriti voi!
    PS: Foarte simpatice cadourile pentru bunici! ;-)

  2. Un artist se cunoaste de la distanta :). Tine-o tot asa si in 2014! (ma tot gandesc cum oi fi reusit sa printezi desenele micutilor tai pe prosopul de la bucatarie :D)

    1. Grati, adevarul este ca nu a fost prea usor sa transfer arta (a se citi mazgaliturile :) ) lui Victor


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