December 18, 2013

felt Santa hand puppet

My 2-year old son has discovered Santa this year. It started way before the season, when we checked out a Christmas book at the library. Now he sees Santa everywhere: X-mas tree decorations, malls, cards, my decorative pillow (You may say that there is no Santa on my pillows but Victor would definitely contradict you as both Santa and snowman are Santa for him. Snowman is a more difficult word to pronounce than Santa so every winter-related figure goes under the name of Santa.)

One day, while Victor was napping I made him this felt Santa hand puppet:
 Here is a profile photo so you can notice his big fat belly.
Victor acknowledged Santa's presence once he woke up but that was it, he hardly played with his new toy.

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  1. Ce dragalas este! Si are si-un clopotel in manuta! :)


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