November 30, 2013

Victor's play kitchen

If, while still living in Romania, you'd told me that I would get my son a kitchen for his second birthday I would have smiled: No way! I've been brought up in a society where chores are well defined between husband and wife and the kitchen is the woman's domain.
 There are exceptions to the rule and my dad is one of them.
Throughout the last two years a couple of  things managed to alter my vision: two of our friends got kitchen sets for their boys and Victor has a blast each time I take him to the Ridgedale library where he can play in the kitchen area.Besides he's always been a picky eater and having his own kitchen where he can play with food toys gives me the hope that he'll be more open to trying new foods. A mother can only hope.
We were torn between buying a play kitchen ( Step2 has such a great variety of affordable kitchens with a cool boiling sound effect) and making one ourselves. I was more towards doing it ourselves (I'm a DIY girl after all) while Dan was little inhibited by the idea that the outcome wouldn't resemble a true kitchen. I managed to talk him into undertaking his first DIY toy project and drove to Habitat For Humanity ReStore  to pick up a kitchen cabinet.
Victor's kitchen was the result of 95% Dan's work and 5% my nagging Dan to finish it on time for  our son's second birthday. He started by sanding the cabinet, created a kitchen base as the cabinet was a little low, built the sink area (cut a large hole to fit the bowl, drilled a small hole for the "faucet" - a soap disposer - ), converted the oven door to open downwards, changed the door handles and ended by gluing on two CDs in the range area. 
The painting job was mine.
One month later Victor still has a blast playing with his kitchen every day and we couldn't be happier about our project.


  1. Ce frumoos! Ma bucur pentru micutul vostru proiect reusit si pentru pofta cu care Victor se joaca in fiecare zi... in bucatarie! :) Faina ideea! Sa mai faceti! Puuupici si...

    La multi ani de ziua nationala a Romaniei! ;-)

    1. La multi ani si tie, Ana! Pupici

  2. You did a great job! We purchaced a kitchen set for my son and he loves it. I made him his own (manly) apron to wear.

    1. manly apron - a good idea! and maybe also one of those cook hats :)

  3. This is such a great play kitchen!! I have three teenage boys that LOVE to cook... this is a great place to start! Thanks for linking this up to Think Tank Thursday. I am featuring this today.


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