October 18, 2013

Despicable me pumpkins

I have a thing for painting. Dan makes fun of me as I'm always willing to refresh the look of things by changing their color. But it's the first time that I try it on pumpkins and probably not the last. 
I may turn it into a tradition. 
As the boys are too young to decide about their Halloween costumes, I'm the one doing it for them. I like family costumes and this year I went for Despicable me, a movie that both Dan and I love. (more about our Halloween costumes here). 
 I spent the last warm fall afternoon on the deck turning two pumpkins into minions. I had to hurry up and do it during the boys' nap but 2 hours was enough to finish the job.
Victor has no idea why these pumpkins look different than the rest but never the less he finds them funny looking and each time we get out of the house for a walk he pays them a little visit and tries to pull out their eyes.


  1. Vaaai, Stefi, ce comici sunt bostaneii! Au iesit foarte dragalasi si... eram sigura ca Victor, din curiozitate, va incerca sa-i traga de ochi! :)))
    Eu nu am vazut inca "Despicable me", dar am tot auzit de filmul acesta... plus ca o colega, cand ne simte asa, mai... pleostite, ne pune "Happy Song" sa ne inveseleasca :)))
    Te pup, cu drag!

    1. E tare haios filmul, primul. Anul asta l-au scos si pe al doilea dar eu am fost cam dezamajita de el. In schimb primul ti-l recomand cu ardoare :)

    2. Pai atunci tre sa-l caut, sa-l vad si eu musai! :))


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