August 23, 2013

Boy mom t-shirt: freezer paper stencil with tutorial

Once you get into freezer paper stenciling you won't stop after the first project. On one hand it is addictive (it is an easy technique with great results) and on the other hand, you'll still have plenty of fabric paint and especially freezer paper left that you just HAVE to use for another project and then another....
The big brother / little brother shirts have whetted my appetite for dying clothes using freezer paper stencils but this time I wanted to try something for myself. A boy mom tee! Yay! After all I am a proud mom of two little boys. 

One day at the playground I realized that my t-shirt not only shows my status but also offers useful information to people around me so that nobody would mistake my baby for a girl - not that he would look like one or I dress him in pink clothes but just to avoid wrong presumptions. (This takes me back to one time when my mom got so mad because a woman referred to me as a boy although I was wearing earrings - the ultimate proof that I was a little girl. )
To go back to my playground story: a grandma was heading towards us and even before she could take a look at Eric who was sleeping in the stroller, she told me: The baby must be a boy, ' cause you are a boy mom. I sure am and I have a shirt to prove it!
These days Victor is into cars and I'm sure that if he could express himself through words (he only says a few) he would ask for a car t-shirt like mine. We taught him baby signs and you can often see him do the "car" sign meaning that he wants to go for a ride in his own car (he has a big one that we keep in our backyard) or mine. One day when he did the sign I assured him that we'd go for a ride later but shortly after I realized that he was referring to my t-shirt that I was wearing that day.
Here is a quick toturial on how I made my tee:


  1. You look great, Stefi! I love your t-shirt! Hugs

  2. Looks young and hip! Thanks for the idea!

  3. What a cute t-shirt! I didn't know that freezer paper can be ironed to fabric.


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