March 20, 2013

Baby girl and baby boy blankets

There is a baby boom among my friends: one baby in January, two in February, we're expecting in May and there will be two more babies this summer.
My friend Jana who lives in Belgium gave birth to her first baby: an adorable little girl named Elena. Because she was overdue and the baby was pretty big, the doctor decided to induce her and after the second unsuccessful attempt Jana had a C-section. Different rules over there, huh?
Her Elena and my Victor were same size at birth and nobody mentioned induction to me before the end of week 42, and the word C-section had certainly never come up in any conversations I'd had with the midwives. Not that I would have liked to experience any of those two, but just saying...
(My baby boy decided to face the world just two days before the end of week 42)
 The other February baby was our priest's second boy. His name is Gabriel.
What I noticed at our friends so far is that the second baby is usually pretty easy going: sleeps better, eats better.  I sure hope that our second one will be this way. Victor gave us a hard time with his sleep when he was a baby and now, as a toddler, he's a very picky eater. Will it ever get better? ...
I sent my friends two baby blankets, one for each, as welcome baby gifts. One can't have too many baby blankets, right?


  1. Very cute. I love making baby blankets. This is a fun idea for applique! Great job :)

  2. Lovely! Nice post, Stef! :*
    Looking forward to welcome Eric too! ;)


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