January 20, 2013

my Mexican dress

We just came back from our vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Some friends of ours go there every year, in December or January so we decided to take their example and try it ourselves. I hear Cancun is the number one destination for Minnesotans and if you think about it it's really easy to get why: who wouldn't like to escape a harsh winter and get away to a sunny beach only 4 hours away?
So we booked  an all inclusive 8-day trip to the Mexican paradise - for the first and I'm sure not the last time.

My plan for this vacation was simple: lay on the beach, relax and read. Simple, right? But when you travel with a small kid you never know what to expect (we've been already on a couple of weekend getaways and believe me when I say that all I could think of was how to get home more quickly). 

This time though all stars aligned and we all had a good time. The entire family was on baby schedule, at least for the first few days till Dan and I caught up on our sleep. Afterwards we used Victor's nap time to plunge deeper into our books: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Issacson for Dan and 
"The Senator's Wife" by Sue Miller for me.
I wanted to make a dress for this vacation but one that I could wear also beyond my pregnancy time.The Burda pattern 133 5/2011 looked like a good idea and the Mexican inspired fabric a perfect choice. I only brought a couple of minor changes to the pattern: shortened the length of the dress and of the shoulder drawstrings. The back of the dress is of another color only because I didn't get enough of the Mexican inspired fabric (I had bought the fabric prior to deciding on the pattern).


  1. Buna, Stefi! Ce idee frumoasa ati avut! Cred ca a fost o vacanta minunata, un concediu este totdeauna bine-venit, mai ales cand il petreci intr-un loc deosebit! Te asteptam in casuta noastra se ne povestesti si sa ne arati mai multe! :)
    Te imbratisez! PS: Esti o frumoasa si vad ca bebe creste repede, repede! Sarcina usoara in continuare!

  2. Love your dress the colours are fab
    Hi hope you are well and I'm a new follower I hope you can visit me some time


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