January 8, 2013

DIY storage from diaper boxes

When you have a baby you go through many diapers and baby wipes and are left with all these big and small boxes . It seems such a waste to toss them even if it means recycling as these are sturdy boxes that could be reused for another  purpose. When we bought our new home and started the big packing operation, I saved and used them as moving boxes.

Now that we're almost done unpacking (there are still unopened boxes with CDs, DVDs , books and some other stuff we don't need right away in the basement bedroom) I thought it a good idea to use them as storage for Victor's old clothes. He's only 14 months old (wearing 18 months clothes) but has already many clothes that don't fit him anymore (I bet we'd have had even more clothes had it been a girl). So far I would just toss his old stuff into paper bags but now I can neatly organize them by age.
All you need for this project you already have in your household: regular glue, tape and a book ( you can replace the book pages by newspaper or wrapping paper or any other type of paper you like
Start by cutting off the flaps ( I did it for some of the boxes, not all, so it's a personal choice)
Now get to the sticky part. I started by applying glue to each book page and then stick them to the box. This is how I finished my first box but then I switched to gluing the boxes directly - it went faster this way. If you've cut off the flaps make sure you fold the paper over to the inside to cover the sharp rims.
Finish by taping the edges of the inside paper and adding extra glue wherever necessary.

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