August 14, 2012

how to stylishly cover stains on a tee

Do you have any old tees that you don't wear anymore because of stains you can't manage to get out?

It was the case of my brown tee. It has been my favorite t-shirt for a long time and then , when I moved to the States it also got a sentimental value ( I had bought it in dear Belgium, where I used to live before coming to America). I just couldn't find the heart to toss it though it had grease stains and I would have never wore it again. When Dan and I painted our garage I used it as a work tee and got more stains on it, this time paint stains. Ok, this was the end of it...or maybe not.

A few days ago I pulled out it from my refashion stack and decided to somehow recover it - despite the MANY stains.

Here is how my t-shirt used to look like before :

I cut one big piece and one smaller from another striped tee , pinned the pieces in place and stitched. No hemming necessary.

To cover the few little stains on the right arm, I added two cute flowers. All the stains were now covered. The rest was just for jazzing it up.

This is how I managed to stylishly covered stains and revitalized my old tee. Have you got any other ideas?


  1. The shirt became much prettier

  2. Great idea! What a creative way to save a t-shirt!

  3. Very cute. I am always trying to figure out how I can save a garment that has a stain or a tear. I hate to waste.

  4. My Mom is 80 yrs old and has Alzheimer's. I try to keep her in basic tops and pants,but not only do I have the stain issue..I just love more color! I've added button ballons, button flowers, buttons, buttons and more buttons. Thanks for new ideas!

  5. Wonderfully clever and inspiring! So glad you shared this idea!


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