June 4, 2012

applique skirt - with tutorial

We had a busy but entertaining weekend. The highlight was a visit to the Kelley Farm on Saturday. What makes this particular farm so special is that it has been preserved to its 1876 image: clothes, tools and everything. If you live in the Twin Cities go visit the Kelley Farm - your kids will have a blast and so will you.

We managed to squeeze in the photo shoot for my latest skirt on Sunday, during our early morning walk with Victor. I started working on this skirt about an year ago and it's not like I needed all this time to finish it but I just forgot about it and it got lost in my fabric stash. 

I wanted to add some flowers to the skirt and though I had no idea how this was going to turn out when I started, I thing I turned out just great!  This skirt is now one of my favorites.

The only  item you'll have to buy for this project, in case you don't have it already, is  a double stick fusible web. For the flowers and leaves you can use fabric scraps. I used linen as the skirt was also made from linen.

1. Peel off the paper liner that comes away really easy and press the web on the back of your fabric. 2. Draw circles of different sizes and leaves on the back of the web , more precisely on the paper liner that is still on. 3. Cut the fabrics along the traced lines. 4. Pin the circles and leaves on the skirt to your desired design. 5.Sew the plant strain from the bottom of the skirt to right under the flowers. 6. Peel off the remaining paper liner and press the flowers and leaves. You'll have to press for several seconds with steam. 7. Sew the leaves and some of the circles using thread of different colors (I don't have a photo for this step but take a look at the finished skirt to get an idea of what I refer to).
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  1. Yeeeey, ce frumoasa este! Imi place, imi place! Si tare fain iti sade in ea, imi place sa te vad asa colorata! :)
    Puuup cu drag!

  2. da, e fix stilul meu asa colorata :)

  3. This skirt is lovely!! I'm your newest follower from Funky Polkadot's blog hop. If you get a chance - please checkout my blog: godsgrowinggarden.blogspot.com

  4. What a beautiful skirt! I love the design, so beautiful! And love the fun colors too! Really nicely done!

  5. What a pretty skirt,who wouldn't love it!

    1. Hey blissful your URL is already in your comment link no need to type it in separately XD

  6. Nice, I like the shape of that skirt, don't the appliques unravel though? Have you used no-fray or something?

  7. Esti vesela ca o gradina de vara!
    Fusta este bestiala!!!
    O mamica foarte chic si foarte in ton cu peisajul!

  8. Thank you! I appreciate your nice words!

  9. What a perfect skirt! Love the appliques and the color combo.

  10. Que hermosa falda y muy colorida! Besos


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