February 13, 2012


I lost 4 lb in the last few weeks. Not too bad! The numbers dropping down on my bathroom scale is an encouraging reminder on why I don't eat sweets and bread anymore. Bread and butter has been my go to snack but I gave it up. I used to buy butter almost every week, this is how much I would eat, not entirely on bread but also incorporated in cakes. No more !

Sewing myself clothes at this point wouldn't be a smart idea. It's obvious I won't be a size 12 forever but on the other hand I don't know how long it will take me to be an 8 again. I can only hope it will happen soon.

So I turned my interest towards bags and purses.

Here is what I came up with so far. Same pattern (though there are slight differences if you pay attention to the handdles) in different combos of fabric colors.

Do you notice the just chic tag peeping out? So cute. It gives the bag a professional look.


  1. Stefi, ce dragute sunt! Imi place mult prima! Dar si-a doua! :))

  2. lovely little bags. and I love the tag :)

  3. congratulations to your weight lost!
    love the bags too! :D

  4. Stef, m-am dus intr-o cafenea zilele trecute si am descoperit acolo o revista de moda. Printre pozele din ea era si o poza cu o geanta tres chic din panza, mi-a placut enorm, am pozat-o si ma gandeam ca tu sigur ai talentul sa o reproduci intocmai, daca ai vrea. O sa pun pe blog poza, poate cine stie, iti da idei, sa faci un pattern dupa ea :)

  5. M-ai facut curioasa, Grati, astept poza :)


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