August 3, 2011

animal themed bed cover

Two more months and a half and we'll get together with the new tiny member of our family. Everybody tells me time will fly by quickly. Is this suppose to comfort me? We still have much to prepare, learn and read......Ready or not, the baby will still come in October and we might just do our best until then. Will we ever feel ready ready for this change of status? Probably not....
The nursery is getting emptied to make room to the baby's stuff but the are still some items that will remain in there, like my dress dummy or the Queen bed. The latter takes up so much space but we'll keep it anyway, at least for the time being, for when grandparents will come over or in case Dan will want to sleep quietly through the night.
To make the bed blend in I've sewn a cute bed cover inspired by Madagascar, the animated movie. We won't have a classical blue room for the baby (have I told you we'll have a boy?) but the theme will be animals. Featured on:


  1. Foarte frumos, Stefi!

    Tu l-ai lucrat in intregime? :)

  2. BRAVO! A iesit un lucrusor tare fain! Esti cu adevarat talentata!
    Pupici si imbratisari!


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