March 12, 2011

the embellished five: pullover edition

Here we are back with the second edition of The Embellished Five project. If you missed the first edition, let me tell you the main idea behind our project: five bloggers will have to embellish the same item of clothing and post about it on the same day.
The item of this edition comes from Jennifer: a white fleece pullover. When I received it in my mail, I thought immediately:" great item, it offers so many possibilities of embellishment".
This time, unlike at our first edition, I didn't drift among ideas, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the pullover. The inspiration came from two directions:
1. The morning I received the pullover I was looking at a JoAnn magazine and saw this floral big pillow. I liked it so much that I started wondering where I could adopt the idea: the solution came to me later on that day, by mail :)
2. The cowl neckline of this cute sleeveless pullover received from my mom-in-law.

I didn't do any cuttings or didn't alter the shape of the pullover in any way, I only added some fleece flowers in front, cuffs and a cowl neckline. Colorful - just the way I like my clothes. Don't forget to check out how Jennifer, Sarah, Amy and Larissa embellished their pullovers.
Check out also the first round: the t-shirt edition


  1. LOVE the cowlneck!! And so bright and colorful and fun! I love seeing what everyone does.

  2. So fun with the flowers. Way to make it springy!

  3. Hello there! :)

    Pulovarasul tau si al lui Jennifer sunt cele mai dragute! Parerea mea! :)

    Pupici calzi

  4. LOVE the cowl neck you added! What a terrific refashion!

  5. Love the bright colors and cowl neck. It looks so comfy now!

  6. this is so cute and I love the idea of 5 people making different things out of the same item, would love to be involved... but then of course it wouldn't be the embellished 5 haha. P.s there were 5 comments until I came and spoiled the lovely symmetry!


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