January 30, 2011

why not 5 instead of 1?

Show me a seamstress who isn't into refashoning.If you can find any it's only because she hasn't tried it yet :)
Embellishing or repurposing takes imagination to use all kind of means to enhance one garment's look. And the result is so much worthy.

Because after I finish a refashioning project I wonder if I chose the most appropriate enhancement elements or I could have gone for something more appealing (but well, too late now to change the outcome), an idea crossed my mind. And this is how "The embellished five" came to life. I contacted four very talented crafty women who accepted to take part in the project and we'll get started this upcoming Saturday.

The idea is to have five different persons embellish the same item of clothing. There will be five rounds of embellishment.

Round 1: the t-shirt edition

Check out the other participants, if you don't know them already, and you'll discover amazing projects:



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