January 29, 2011

"just chic" is on paper

This project started so long ago that my mind drifted away from it. So, imagine my surprise this morning when I found in the mail an envelope saying: "Congratulations! You've been published in...." I ran quickly back to home to let Dan know that the magazine is finally out and my project is among its pages. The magazine is Altered Couture and my project is the 3 in 1 from a man's shirt.
I sent some pictures of my refashion project in June, last year and I got back an e-mail with the request to send in the actual items so they can photograph them. The publication was first set for the November issue but I guess my project was more appropriate for spring and that's why they rescheduled it. Besides seeing my name and sewing project in the magazine I was also proud because they chose to publish one of my pictures - not that I wanted to see my face in there but this means that the quality of the picture was good enough to get published along with theirs.


  1. Wow! Congratulations, that's fantastic news! :)

  2. Oaaaau! :) FELICITARI! Felicitari, Stefi! Tare ma bucur si sunt mandra de tine!
    Vrem si noi sa citim articolul din revista respectiva! Scaneaza paginile si trimite-ni-le si noua!
    Te pup si te imbratisez cu mult, mult drag si dor!

  3. cat de tare! felicitari! vreau si eu o copie
    aaaa si nu ti-am spus: am purtat rochita la o petercere aici - mooaama! ce furori a facut ;) toata lumea a admirat-o (fara gluma). revin cu detalii dupa 9 feb (pana atunci trebuie sa-mi termin lucrarea *grrrr*)pupici!

  4. Abia astept detaliile, Amalia :) Succes cu lucrarea!


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