December 29, 2010

two necklaces with tutorial

Here are two necklaces I created last week. They are easy, cute and make great presents, especially for little girls.
Here is the tutorial for the pink necklace. Some of the pictures won't be too clear as the fabric is on a white background, sorry about that.

I started by cutting several strips of fabric. Make the strips of the same length but the width can differ.
I basted the strips along one edge.
and pulled the thread to create ruffled flowers.
I made six flowers: five of the same size and the sixth a little larger.
I hand stitched them together one by one
and glued two strips of ribbon to each of the two external flowers.
Wear it with a colorful garment to show it off.

I started the blue necklace by cutting three strips of fabric but because I didn't use knit, as for the pink necklace, and these three fabrics would have frayed, I had to use another technique. I sewed them closed, lengthwise, on the wrong side. I turned the tubes right sides out.

Sewed the ends together,
basted along the edge and pulled the thread to form ruffled flowers.
In the meantime I prepared a chain with two larger links at the ends.
I used ribbons sewn on the larger links

I attached the ruffled flowers with pompons glued in the middle to the chain with the help of little links.

I'm thinking of making a blue necklace for myself, too :)


  1. Stefi, Stefi,

    Colierele sunt tare frumoase! :) Ai idei interesante! :)

  2. they are both lovely!
    I wish you and your love ones an wonderful 2011!

  3. You know for the pink ones,you could probably use a yo-yo maker

  4. thanks for the idea with the yo-yo maker. I didn't even know something like this existed but I googled it and it looks really helpful


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