June 22, 2010

eat, pray, love (and be just chic) - chapter 1

"Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven't read it already, go get it, it's a lovely book. If you read it, stay tuned, the movie will be in theater on August 13th, having Julia Roberts play the leading role.

The story focuses on Liz's struggles to get her life together after a nasty divorce and on her one year long journey of self discovery. During this year she manages to travel and live in three countries and explore a certain part of herself in each of these countries: the art of pleasure ( the culinary pleasure) in Italy, the art of devotion in India and the art of harmonizing the previous two in Indonesia. The book is a great combination of personal story, travel writing and spiritual journey written in a humorous style. I won't reveal too much of the subject in case you haven't read the book, but just enough to tickle your curiosity.

I've decided to write three posts, one for each of the main book chapters, and sew three skirts inspired by them.

Chapter 1: eat in ItalyThe primary element in designing a skirt inspired by and to inspire "food" was the fabric. I would have liked a cherry or watermelon slices pattern but as I couldn't find one and I didn't want to browse more than one store in search of it, so I settled for the apple pattern. Now that I can see myself in the pictures I must say the apples are just as much appealing as cherries or watermelon slices. The skirt was easy to make and I'll post the tutorial later.Reading the first chapter made me drool over the book so I decided to borrow an Italian cookbook from the library and spoil ourselves with some delicious Italian meals. It didn't substitute an original Italian meal but I found some good recipes I'll probably also use in the future.When I travel I love tasting as much as possible of the local food. And there are places where I ate some great meals which I loved so much that I feel I could go back only to taste them again.
In Ireland, my friend took me to the Malahide Castle, just outside Dublin, where I had the tastiest cream soup ever made. If you go to Belgium you cannot stay away from chocolate and Brugges has the best chocolate in the country. Seattle introduced me to the pleasure of drinking coffee ( I still don't drink much but I take so much pleasure in drinking it :) )
Do you have such a list of your own? If you do, please share.Reading this book made me add more culinary destinations to my dream travel list. "Il Gelato di San Crispino" in Roma - for the ice cream and "Pizzeria da Michele" in Napoli - for the best pizza in the world - to mention just two of them (you'll find more if you read the book). If I could go to Italy tomorrow....

Chapter 2
Chapter 3


  1. Cutest skirt ever! Love it and adore the fact that you were inspired by "EPL". I love that book and am really looking forward to seeing the movie. Javier Bardem … YUMMO.

    Can't wait for the next two chapters.

  2. The book and movie sound very interesting. Your skirt is sooo cute. I love the way you presented it in this post. Very creative.


  3. Hei! :) Am citit cartea acum doi ani... cand am venit la tine, la Bruxelles, o aveam cu mine! :) O primisem in dar, de ziua mea. :)

    Imi place tare mult ideea ta... de a coase ceva inspirat de fiecare capitol al cartii! :) Iar fustita asta e tare vesela si mi-ar placea si mie sa o port! :)

    De abia te astept cu... urmatoarele capitole! ;-)

    A ta cititoare,
    Ana :)

  4. PS: O sa devii o creatoare/ scriitoare de succes! Ia uite cati 'followers' ai acum! :)

    I'm very proud of you! - ca sa o dau si pe engleza :))

  5. well, you certainly start my apetite!! :)
    Great idea! I love the skirt and the apples!
    I wonder how it will be india and indionesia?!
    As for favorite places, I didn't travel much but in our honeymoon we pass by Capri and we ate the most delicious pizza (it was also the fastest because we manage to get lost so we were late to catch the boat!!). And the best icecream is allways in 'Cicello' no Porto (Portugal).


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