March 5, 2010

how to make a dress from a man's shirt

The internet is full of tutorials on how to refashion a man's shirt.
The result can be either a dress or a woman's shirt.
I preferred to discover it on my own and took pictures of each step.

a man's shirt
fabric remnants
bias tape
I cut out the sleeves and the collar. I suppose the sleeves are the first to get worn out in a shirt, at least this was in my case. So I made sure they were the first I cut out :)
I cut the shirt in two...
...adjusted the armhole......removed the pocket, added bias tape along the armholes and the neckline and also some cute little ruffles.
Don't forget the darts to fit your bust!I sewed the folders at the back using a decorative stitch to make it look more fun.
The job is done for the upper part of the dress.Let's move now to the bottom part of the dress to which I added ruffles.Last thing: a strip of fabric to go between the two cut parts. It has a double role: to add length to the dress and also some extra color.

Here is the dress!
I like its playful look and how it matches the funky bag. (which is my first refashion project)
I felt like a teenager when I put it on :)
On top of this, it passed Dan's length test, meaning it's not too short.
When I get bored wearing it, I can remove the bottom part and have a feminine shirt.The only thing left to do is wait for the warm weather to wear it :)


  1. Foarte draguta si haioasa rochita! Abia asteptam sa vad ce faci din ea... :)

  2. holy cuteness! i love this!!! wish i was a talented enough seamstress..maybe soon!

  3. That's really cute, thanks for the tute as well!

  4. Love this! And I have so many men's shirts ready for refashioning lying around.... ;)

  5. Never seen your blog, really lovely! You're very creative, I'll add you to my favs :)
    xoxox from chile!

  6. Wow! It's great! I like everything about it! Especially the upper part (the shirt)!

  7. I adore! Its perfect. I keep eyeing shirts at the thrift store. I love how you made yours. Just perfect!

  8. Nice! Just last week I did a shirt into skirt refashion... check it out if you like!

  9. Totally adorable. I want to try this. thanks

  10. Sooo cute!! I have a shirt that looks exactly like this one, I would LOVE to try to make this dress!

  11. How sweet, and I love the bag too.

  12. Great tutorial! Great dress! Great blog!

    -Nicole, new follower to Just Chic

  13. Such a fun project! We love shirt dresses, but have not seen a style quite like this one before - great idea!! Thank you for sharing :)

    Sampson & Lorrie


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