December 24, 2009

funky scrap bag

Caught in the Christmas shopping spirit you let yourself seduced by many glamorous, fancy or just useful stuff you feel you need to buy as a present for the loved ones or simply for your own pleasure.

Even in your closet there are garments you could replace or get something new you’ve been wishing for a long time.
Like a pair of cool jeans. Why not?
If so, before you throw out your old jeans, consider recycling it into a funky bag.

And here is a recipe.

1 pair of worn out jeans
some cute linen for lining
matching thread

Now that you have all the ingredients at hand, we can proceed to the next step.
On your mark, get set, go!

Level the top edges of the waistband and pin them together.
Cut the jeans a few inches under the crotch point.
Then separate the front and back sides at the crotch area .

Sew the front legs (as to cover what used to be crotch area), which will make your short jeans look like a skirt.

Turn the jeans inside out, pin again the top edges of the waistband on the wrong side and sew the bottom. Cut out the remaining fabric, after sewing.

Lay the jeans on the folded linen and cut it along the line of the jeans: 1 inch exceeding the waistline. Sew the linen on the wrong side.
Before sewing you can add some inner pockets if you wish, if not – no biggie as there are plenty of outside pockets.

I applied two inner pockets, one regular and one phone pocket to which I added a lid. I followed my dad’s suggestion when seeing my green bag: “What if you turn your bag upside down looking for something inside, your phone may drop down”.

Cut two strips out of the jeans legs and two out of the linen.

I wanted really long straps so I created one strap from one strip and a half.

Sew them and get two lined straps.

Place the straps between the jeans and the lining and sew them all together.
Add a fastening device. I have first thought of sew-on snaps but finally gave in for an easier solution.

It’s time now to use the last ingredient, your imagination, to give the bag the last really nice touch into the funky spirit.

Here we have a funky scrap bag.

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  1. I love it! Can you make some for your friends in Romania? ;-) :))

  2. But I posted the tutorial so you can do it ;) :))

  3. You are a very creative person!!!thanks for your free tutorial. I'll save it and i think i'll ask from santa a sewing machine so i can make it , too! thanks again Stefi...

  4. esta hermosa.. k buenas ideas,, felicidades.. are una para regalar.. muchas felicidades...

  5. Great idea! I especially like the "belt" - makes it look so cheery!

  6. great!!! congratulations...
    muchas gracias por compartir tus ideas.
    un gran abrazo. Marcela

  7. Many thanks for your tutorial.

    I try to realize this bag with an old pair of jeans of my child. If I will try to do it I'll send you a photo from Italy. Ciao eleonora

  8. Muy bonito trabajo y muy sencillo felicidades por su creatividad y a la ves por compartirlo con nosotras las lectoras gracias

  9. Me encanto....Gracias , ya no regalare los yines que no me sirven.

  10. Hi Stefi!!

    Great idea, I love this scrap bag, I want to make my own.

  11. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

  12. Cute bag....I have posted this on my Freebies blog if thats okay...hugs Khris


  14. Hi
    Gonna have a go at this - have you used a fastener or do you rely on the ties? Thanks

  15. I stumbled upon this as I stare at a room full of old jeans, and a donation truck scheduled for this afternoon. I had forgotten all the fun things we could do with these things! I have to fight the desire to drop everything and hibernate in my sewing room for weeks! PS - love your dad's comment...

  16. More than most beautiful. I will do it for my daugter.

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    I hope you appreciate this!


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